Enhanced Setting out and site engineering course

Enhanced on site training

On site training gives you confidence, skill and ability


This course is aimed at contractors training their own engineers as well as complete beginners entering construction engineering and surveying job market. It will take learners from beginner to post advanced level capable of working independently as an engineer or surveyor.


Training duration: A combination of weekend or weekday training on the first 9 days of each month from the first Saturday to the second Sunday as well as field based training on the second week of each month. 


All learners will receive a level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying to ensure they are both qualified and competent.

           Time table


30 to 40 days of flexible training with time table to suite every learner.


We can agree a time table of training to suite your own individual circumstances, from weekends only, weekdays only or a combination of both.


Option includes;

  • 9 days every month from the first Saturday to the second Sunday for up to 4 months
  •  Alternatively, attend every weekend session for up to 3 months on both Saturdays and Sundays



Benefit to contractors:


It is always cheaper to train and retain your own staff than getting a temporary engineer from an agency. It is a sad fact that not all agency engineers are competent or able to carry out a wide range of engineering activities, some are just EDM engineers and know which buttons to press with little knowledge of what they are doing or what is expected of them.


Some large construction contractors recruit graduate engineers on a two year graduate training program. We can cut this and make them productive within 3-6 months.


We can train your existing assistant or junior engineers as well as managers and graduates to work as competent engineers on site, able to use a wide range of surveying equipment, read and understand drawings and set out or survey on site, ensuring that they are competent to work independently, confidently and with little if any supervision.


Training includes a period of time at the college plus at your own construction sites, this will help the learners to transition into the role of the site engineer easier and quicker by putting into practice what they have learnt at college.



Training duration: Lessons are on the first 9 days of each month from the first Saturday to the second Sunday of each month for up to 3 months, we will then take learners to actual building sites if available or out on the field for further hands on training. Dates and times for the site or field training will be mutually agreed with the learner and his employer, usually a few days on the second week of each month for a further 3 months.



Benefits to Graduates



It is a sad fact that universities regard surveying and setting out unit as just another unit and try to get it out of the way by studying it in the first year, occasionally including a week or so of field training. Unfortunately, graduates would have forgotten most of unit by the time they graduate and have no recent experience of using surveying equipment yet alone setting out on site independently, which means you would have to work as assistant engineer for at least a year or so.


The enhanced training will provide you with a through grounding in engineering Surveying enabling you to work as an engineer quicker and at higher pay than an assistant engineer. We have had numerous graduates joining our setting out training courses and wished they had started immediately after uni.


With a large number of unemployed graduates heading to Costa, Starbucks and the like, there is a high probability they lose their self esteem and confidence and never work in the construction sector. Although, we do not guarantee jobs after training as it depends on many factors beyond yours or our control, it is highly likely that you would be working. Recruitment agencies and contractors are searching for experienced competent engineers with or without degree.




Benefits to non graduates and those changing career.






Unfortunatley, a lot of graduates find this out too late, you can save yourself a lot of time and money but not attending a university for a civil, construction or built environment course if you are interested to be an engineer or land surveyor.


We offer you flexible training to suite your own individual needs from 4 consecutive weeks intensive to 6 months part time training, . There are plenty of theory and practical sessions to immerse you into the field of civil and construction engineering.


At the end of your course you will receive a Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying, this will enable you to be both qualified and competent engineer.


This course includes on site training and visits as well as plenty of field practice to gain confidence in your own ability to start work as an engineer straight away.


Please note that we can not guarantee work after training as it depends on many factors beyond our control such as where you live, having transport, rates of pay, etc.


We can help you to produce a professional CV that helps you to get a job, provide you with certificate and references.





Course fee: £3995 + VAT (£4800 inclusive of vat)

Payment by instalment available

First instalment of £1795 followed by further instalments of £1000 for three months.









Surveying equipments you would be learning to use

Vocational training provided by our team of experts

Leica Total Stations

Learn to use a range of Total Stations from old to new, two men instruments and Robotic.

Levelling instruments

Learn to use levelling instruments from ordinatry automatic levels, laser levels and pipe lasers.

GPS Equipment

GPS Surveying equipment are easy to use after you have learnt how to use robotic total stations.









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