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ProQual Level 3 Diploma for Engineering Surveying


This course is intended for existing engineers and learners progressing from the graduate training course.

  • Fee £1695 inclusive of VAT and certification charges


​Ideal for existing engineers with no CSCS card or using a green laborer card



How we offer this course:

  • 4 days of training at college, plus optional one day of site assessment at your workplace
  • Alternatively, 3 weekdays at college plus online course material.



  • Practical assessment of using Surveying equipment
  • Submit written answers to a series of knowledge questions, plus written assessments
  • Submit site vides demonstrating the use of surveying equipment
  • Receive your qualification within one month of submission of the written answers and completion of all assessment criteria.


Please note that learners must have adequate level of English language fluency to be able to complete assessments orally and in writing in English.


To help you succeed we have produced video lessons covering most questions, you will also receive full training on the use of GNSS, digital and automatic levels, as well as traversing, mathematics of surveying, global and local coordinate systems, and conversions from one to the other included in the fee.


Learning topics


  • Mathematics of surveying
  • Traversing, establishing site controls.
  • Measuring rounds of angles and distances
  • Levelling theory and practice
  • Using automatic, laser, and digital levels
  • Two peg tests
  • Introduction to GNSS


Practical assessments


  • Applying atmospheric corrections to Total stations
  • Uploading Setting out data from USB
  • Manually uploading data
  • Setting out from given drawings
  • Site surveying
  • Downloading survey data to USB
  • Submission of written answers to knowledge questions in units 5308 to 5312
  • Professional discussion







ProQual level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying, for CSCS engineer card

  • Topics

    • Automatic, laser, and digital levels
    • GNSS
    • Traversing
    • Creating a local coordinate system
    • Linking your own traverse to site controls
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