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Graduate training program-intensive GNSS, Setting out and site surveying course


Surveying is an exciting, rewarding, and secure profession, there is a great demand for competent engineers and surveyors. This course is your introduction to the world of engineering and surveying and prepares you to work as an engineer or surveyor.


Graduate employment market:


It has always been tough for graduates, we know it because we have gone through the same process many years ago ourselves. We know the difficulties of a securing employment for a graduate.


Employers pay rates of £350 to £400 a day to an agency for a competent engineer and rightly expect value for money.


Although recruiment agencies advertise for graduates, they are very reluctant to employ one who graduated a few years ago and has little or no ability to use Total Stations and other surveying instruments. It is specially worse for overseas graduates.


At the interview they may ask 'if we give you this drawing and a Total Station can you set out this wall or a column right now?'


If your answer is that I haven't used a Total Station for over 3 years, they will say thanks we will let you know and soon a regret letter will arrive. 


The chances are that if you studied surveying at university it would have been many years ago and you have forgotten most if not all what you learnt. Universities don't do justice to their students, most of them have too many learners in the class and too few instruments for you to practice. Teachers are not practicing engineers and are out of date with what goes on site.


Finchley College graduate training program is to offer you an intensive training in the use of Total Stations and GNSS for 5 consecutive days or 5 Saturdays to help you through the interview process with confidence. We can get you an up-to-date unit certificate in setting out and GNSS, although this is not a full qualification, it will give the employer a confidence that you are competent with the use of surveying instruments.


Please note that this is not a remote or online course but face to face being taught with experience engineers with over 70 years of experience between them.



Key learning topics:


  • Total station programs
  • Mathematics of surveying
  • Stakeout and surveying
  • Reference line, arc, and plane
  • Setting out techniques
  • Setting out piles, columns, walls, roads, drainage, and groundwork
  • Surveying
  • AutoCAD student license for one year (AutoCAD lessons are only offered on Saturdays)


At the end of this course, you should be able to work as a junior setting out engineer




Weekend sessions: 8.30 am to 3.30 pm

Weekdays: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm



London: 5 Saturdays or 5 Weekdays (Fee: £1245 plus VAT, including two unit certificates)


Manchester: 4 Days from the 4th Friday to the following Monday of every month

Fee: £995 plus VAT (plus £300 for two unit certificates if required)


Payment options: Fees must be paid in full at least one week in advance.


To book this course please pay by bank transfer and write your name as a reference


Finchley College (this is a business account)

Sort code: 09-01-27

Account no. 44018113

Alternatively, pay online,


For more information please call Reza Nobakht on 020 8143 8970






Graduate training program-Total Station and setting out training

  • This course is aimed at assistant engineers, junior engineers, site engineers and surveyors who need to learn more about principles of surveying and setting out.

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