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eginners to an enhanced Engineering surveying course plus extended qualifications


A complete training course for those changing careers to construction engineering surveying.


Did you know that you don't need to have a degree to work as an engineer at construction sites?


Did you know that a university degree for setting out and site engineers is a complete waste of time and money?


Why go to a university and end up with debts of £60,000 +

when we can teach you all you need as well as a nationally and European-approved qualification for just £3695 plus VAT


We offer a complete beginner to the enhanced course in just three to 4 months on Saturdays plus 4 Sundays.


Course fee: £5995


The timetable of lessons: We offer this course every Saturday for 4 months plus a few Sundays for  other subjects. Learners can choose to attend at weekends or 3 blocks of 6 consecutive days per month.


What you will be learning

  • Total station, setting out, surveying
  • Complete training on the use of Total stations, including Robotic instruments, GNSS, Automatic, laser, and Digital levels.
  • Full training on surveying and setting out methods as well as, traversing, understanding local and global coordinate systems, converting from one system to the other, and creating your own local coordinate systems when none exists.
  • Establishing baselines for surveying and movement monitoring
  • Checking and calibrating instruments.
  • ProQual level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying



  • Site engineering topics, including quality assurance, site drawings, concreting, reinforcement drawings, bending schedules, road works, Steel and RC frames.
  • AutoCAD
  • Level 3 Introduction to Building Information modelling
  • SSSTS site safety course
  • First aid at work




Duration: We will agree on a training plan with you to suit your availability and other commitments, duration is  4 months 


Payment by installment option available. 


Fee: 3695 plus VAT, please note that we charge an extra £100 for card payments, alternatively you can pay through BACS without incurring card transaction fees.


Finchley College (business account)

Sort code: 09-01-27

Account no. 44018113

Please write your name as a reference






    Beginners to enhanced, for those changing career to engineering

    • Timetable, in brief, is explained below, but, for a more detailed timetable and subjects covered please contact us.

      Learners can attend on Saturdays, Sundays and one week every month.


      Learners who wish to pay by instalments, will only join classes on Sundays after payment of at least 2/3 of fees.

      Free post-training support on Fridays for as long as necessary


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