Setting out and Surveying courses Leading to level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying

You will learn to use all of the instruments below during your training with us


               Robotic Total station                                         Two man Total Stations                                         GPS Equipment                               

               Digital level                                                      Pipe laser and rotating laser                                    Automatic level



To book and pay for any of the above courses please pay by bank transfer and write your name as reference or pay by card through the web site.



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Why should you choose us?

  • Unlike other colleges, universities, or private providers we provide flexible training at times to suit you, including weekends and weekdays, every month throughout the year.
  • We provide nationally recognised qualifications approved by CSCS for Gold Engineer surveyor card, please be aware some other providers issue their own inhouse certificates that are neither qualifications nor approved by CSCS.
  • Post training support by email, telephone. Learners can attend post completion support classes
  • Enhanced training designed specifically for those changing career into construction and civil engineering
  • GPS and Robotic Total Station training included in advanced and enhanced course



Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying


All students begin at beginner level, then progress to the advancec level. For those new to the industry we offer further enhanced training. You can start this course any Saturday or on the first Monday of any month





Study mode: 


We offer Surveying and setting out engineering training on Saturdays throughout the year. Beginner levels attend morning sessions from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm, advanced and enhanced learners attend afternoon sessions from 2.30 to 6.30 pm.  We offer all learners one extra month of training free of charge if required .


Beginner level only  £1350 including vat
Time table:
Month 1: 4 Saturday sessions, 9.30 am to 1.30 pm, learners can repeat the beginner level if necessary
alternatively attend 5 consecutive day sessions in the mornings only from the first Monday to the following Friday 9.30 am to 1.30 pm. 
This level covers two to three units of the level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying qualification, it will introduce you to fundamentals of surveying, mathematics of surveying, reading construction drawings and levelling by automatic and laser level as well as introduction to Total Stations. At the end of this level, subject to submission of written answers to knowledge question assignments and completion of practical assessment in levelling you can achieve two unit certificates in introduction to Surveying as well as Levelling.
Beginner to Advanced level £2700 including VAT
Time table:
8 Saturday sessions
Month 1: 4 Saturday sessions 9.30 am to 1.30 pm
Month 2: 4 Saturday sessions 2.30-6.30 pm
Learners can attend an extra month of training if required in the afternoon sessions.
alternatively, attend two blocks of 5 consecutive day training over two months on the first week of each month. Learners can attend an extra month of weekday training if required at no extra charge.
This is follow on from the beginner course and at this level you will learn to use Total stations, GPS and various methods of setting out, further mathematics of surveying, global/local grid transformations, further drawing exercises, plenty of two man Total station practice and introduction to Robotic Total stations.
At the end of this course subject to submission of written answers to knowledge questions you will achieve further 3 units of the qualification leading to full qualification award.

Beginner to Enhanced level: 

£3995 plus vat (£4794 inc. VAT) 16 sessions over 4 months, plus extra sessions free of charge if required

We offer 5% discount for payment in full in advance

Month 1: Saturdays 9.30 am to 1.30 pm
Month 2, 3 and 4, Saturdays 2.30-6.30 pm
Plus attendance for one session a month thereaftre if required.
Alternatively, Attend weekday sessions on the first week of each month, Monay to Friday for 4 to 5  month
At the enhanced level learners will go into further detail of each topic, work on more complicated scenarios and drawings, introduced to more methods of setting out and surveying, use more of instrument programs, a lot of practice using Robotic Total stations. 
Enhanced course is ideal for complete beginners and those changing career into construction engineering surveying, it acts as an alternative to University degree, as most employers are seeking competent engineers able to go to site and start work. Your NVQ level 3 qualification is sufficient to demonstrate competency but as most beginners lack practical experience, this level will help with gaining plenty of practical exercises similar to real world conditions.
At this level, you will gain plenty of Total station practice for surveying and setting out, as well as use of Robotic Total stations and AutoCAD.


Training dates:You can start any Saturday at 9.00 for registration, lectures start at 9.30 am


Discounted course options:


Beginner to  Advanced: 5% off if fees paid in full in advance

Beginner to Enhanced: 5% off if fees paid in full in advance


Groups of 2 to 4 attending toghether: 5-10% off 

Goups of 5 or more attending toghether: 15% off fees



Please note that there is no fee refund for any reason once payment is made, but you can change your start date.




Course content:


Beginner level:


  • Introduction to Surveying
  • Mathematics of setting out and surveying
  • Reading and understanding general arrangement drawings
  • Creating your own local control systems
  • Working out coordiantes from drawings
  • Automatic levels
  • Laser levels
  • Pipe laser
  • Levelling by Total stations
  • Introduction to Total Stations, settings, programs
  • Learning to use Total station simulators to practice at home
  • Introduction to setting out, surveying, measuring heights

Learners will achieve 2 unit certificates subject to submisison of assignments




Advanced level:

  • Surveying and setting out techniques
  • In depth hands on practice with Total stations and levelling equipment 
  • Global / Local coordinate transformation
  • Reading and understanding construction drawings, architects and engineers general arrangement drawings, elevations, sections, reinforcement drawings, bending schedules
  • Extensive use of Robotic Total stations
  • Introduction to GNSS equipment, Site surveying and establishing site control using GNSS, 
  • Full understanding of a range of Total Station programs
  • Setting out, point, offset, arc, piles, houses, drainage, pile caps, ground beams
  • Role of an engineer in RC frame and steel frame structures
  • Uploading and downloading data to and from Total stations
  • Various distance measurement methods
  • Volume calculations
  • Introduction to AutoCAD

Learners will achieve further 3 units of Using Total Stations, Using GNSS and Setting out leading to full award of the level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying which will enable you to apply for CSCS Gold Engineer Surveyour card.



Enhanced level


Course content:

  • Detailed surveying and setting out techniques,
  • Reading and understanding more complex construction drawings
  • Intensive use of Robotic Total stations with more programs
  • Further training in converting Global and Local coordinates
  • Creating your own local systems for surveying
  • Extra surveying methods
  • Job and point naming conventions
  • Transferring data between jobs
  • Learning to use GNSS equipment for surveying, setting out and establishing control networks
  • Practical traversing by Two man Total stations
  • Traversing by Robotic Total Stations
  • Automatic angle measurements by Robotic Total Stations


Learners of this course can also attend the following short courses for just £495

  • Level 3 Fundamentals of Building Information Modelling
  • Level 3 Managing and supervising working at height
  • Level 3 First aid at work




Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying £1250 plus VAT, includes full certificate fee

Experienced engineer/surveyor route: 

We recommend existing engineers and surveyors to attend the beginner level only to cover topics such as mathematics of surveying, levelling by automatic and laser levels and GPS. Learners will need to submit assignments for answers to the knowledge questions of the qualification in order to achieve full qualification certificate.


One day Robotic Total station training (£295 plus vat), this course is intended for existing engineers who are able to use two man Total stations.


We offer a one day Robotic Total station training during weekdays only. Please contact us for training schedule.


One day GNSS training (£295 plus vat)

We offer a one day GNSS training during weekdays only. Please contact us for training schedule.



4 days Autocad & Robotics training combined:£995

4 days of AutoCAD and Robotics training combined, Monday to Thursday  10.00 am to 4.00 pm, please contact us for next scheduled dates. Learners must be able to use normal two man Total Stations in order to progress to Robotics.



Introduce a friend and receive £50 referral fee once they have joined a course.






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