ProQual Level 3 Diploma for Engineering Surveying for existing engineers only


  • Employer witness testimony confirming employment as an engineer as well as site videos demonstrating the use of surveying instruments are required to join this course.
    • ​£1295
    • We can offer this course cheaper for those who do not need any training and are ready for the assessment. Please contact us for details.


​Ideal for existing engineers with green or no CSCS cards who do not need Total station training, as you would be using this at work daily.


You can attend college by appointment on a weekday or weekend for an initial assessment of your ability to use Total stations. Upon successful completion of the initial assessment you would be registered onto the course, alternatively, you will be offered a choice of training courses to bring you up to the standard required for a competent engineer before final assessment.


We offer a two-day training course on the last weekend of each month for use of GNSS, Automatic, laser, and digital levels, profiles for drainage and roadworks, mathematics of surveying as well as traversing for existing engineers only.


To help you succeed we have produced video lessons covering most knowledge questions.


The initial assessment is free of charge covering the use of total stations only. You can bring your instrument if you prefer.







Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying for experienced engineers

  • 4th weekend of every month: Training day- 9.00 am


    • Traversing, establishing site controls
    • Measuring rounds of angles and distances
    • Levelling theory and practice
    • Using an automatic, laser, and digital levels
    • Introduction to GNSS


    4th Sunday of every month- Assessment day- 10.00 am


    • Applying atmospheric corrections to Total stations
    • Uploading Setting out data from USB
    • Manually uploading data
    • Setting out from given drawings
    • Site surveying
    • Downloading survey data to USB
    • Submission of written answers to knowledge questions units 5308 to 5312 
    • Professional discussion