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Daily fees for new learners paying in instalment or existing learners attending extra training 


Would you like to start training in Engineering Surveying but would like to pay as you go?


Are you a former student and need extra refresher training?


You can pay per day and attend from just one day or more per month to help with affordability.


All our engineering surveying students have a set number of days of training, to attend extra training or assessments beyond this period, learners are required to book one or more training sessions.


Extra training is offered on Saturdays only and learners will join existing students and follow the lesson plan of the day, please select which Saturdays of the month you would like to join


Fees:  £300 per day plus VAT


Former students £300 for two days of training plus VAT



Session 1: 

Morning: Mathematics and Principles of Surveying

Afternoon: Introduction to Total Stations


Session 2:

Morning: Principles of levelling, two peg test

Afternoon: Total Station programs


Session 3:

Morning: Traversing

Afternoon: Setting out methods, GNSS


Session 4:

Morning: Assessments; Mathematics, levelling and traversing

Afternoon: Assessments: Setting out and GNSS


For further information please contact Reza Nobakht on 020 8143 8970

Or, email us at


Daily training sessions

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