Change your career in construction and civil engineering without a degree


Did you know that you don't need to have a degree to work as an engineer at construction sites?


Did you know that a university degree for setting out and site engineers is a complete waste of time and money?


Why go to a university and end of with debts of £60,000 +

when we can teach you all you need as well as a nationally and European approved qualification for just £4795.


Large blue-chip contractors require a university degree, why? because they receive large number of applicants, and a university degree is a means of selecting a short list of candidates.


Universities tell you to work for a blue-chip company you need to get a degree, this may be true, but you can work for small to medium sized contractors for higher pay without a degree as they only want competent engineers.


We offer a complete beginner to enhanced course in just three to four months at weekends on both Saturdays and Sundays with optional free tutorial sessions on Saturday afternoons as well as option to come in during weekdays on the first week of each month.


Course fee: £4795 


  • Post-training support
  • Free revision classes 
  • First aid training included 
  • Pay for your course in full in advance and receive a programmable calculator and a textbook for free.
  • We help you to work towards your level 3, 4, and 6 NVQ Diploma in site management 


Duration: 4 Month weekend course on Saturdays and Sundays.


Learners who have paid in full in advance can attend extra weekday sessions on the first week of each month to speed up their learning and gain more practical training.


    Beginners to enhanced

    • Timetable, in brief, is explained below, but, for a more detailed timetable and subjects covered please contact us.

      • Month 1: Beginner & intermediate level - 4 Saturday and 4 Sunday sessions
        • Mathematics of surveying
        • Levelling part 1
        • Distance and angle measurement
        • Reading drawings
      • Month 2: Advanced level - 4 Saturday and 4 Sunday sessions 
        • includes extra Sunday classes for improved setting out skills and competency
        • Introduction to Total stations
        • Setting out methods
      • Month 3: Repeat advanced level - Further 8-weekend sessions
        • Introduction to Robotics Total stations
        • Surveying and setting out by Robotic Total stations
        • Introduction to AutoCAD
        • The student version of the latest CAD software
        • Surveying and setting out using CAD and Robotic Total stations
        • Further reading of drawings
        • Rebar drawings & bending schedules


      • Month 4: Free attendance in tutorial sessions on Saturdays 3.00-6.00 pm