Beginner level surveying course

Principles of setting out and surveying training

Learn fundamentals of surveying, hands on practice and theory lessons


A must course for every engineer or surveyor



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Who is this course for?


This course is aimed at assistant engineers, junior engineers, site engineers and surveyors who need to learn more about principles of surveying and setting out.





This course is completed in 4 Saturday sessions 9.00 am to 3.00 pm



Fees: £1079 plus VAT (£1295)






  • Session 1: Health & Safety on site, Mathematics of surveying, reading construction drawings


  • Session 2: Levelling, Automatic, laser, digital levels


  • Session 3: Distance, height and angle measurements, introduction to Total stations


  • Session 4: Construction drawings, creating local coordinate systems, quality control, engineering check sheets








  • Session 1-Health & Safety and Mathematics of surveying
    • Health & Safety on site
    • Conducting risk assessments
    • Mathematics of surveying
      • Coordinate systems
        • Rectangular
        • Polar
        • National grid
        • Local grid
      • Pythagoras theorem
      • Establishing coordinates for grid lines in a local grid system
      • Local/global coordinate system conversions


  • Session 2-Levelling
    • Automatic levels
    • Laser levels
    • Two peg tests
    • Conducting level surveys and recording in standard format
    • Calculating reduced levels
      • Rise and fall method
      • Height of collimation method



  • Session 3-Total station familiarisation, Distance & angle measurements 
    • Introduction to Total Stations
    • Setting up Total stations
    • Introduction to instrument settings
    • Job and point ID naming methods
    • Creating jobs, entering, editing jobs
    • Creating, editing and deleting points in the memory
    • Searching for surveyed points in the memory



  • Distance & Angle measurements
    • Measuring distance between two points
    • Measuring distances from Total station 
    • Slope, horizontal and vertical distance measurements
    • Horizontal & vertical angles
    • Bearing calculations
    • Round of angle measurements



  • Session 4-Reading and understanding drawings
    • General arrangement drawings (GA)
    • Section and elevation drawings
    • Reinforcement drawings
    • Bending schedules
    • Ordering steel
    • Ordering concrete
    • Calculating part loads
    • Working out coordinates from grid lines
    • Easting, northing and heights
    • Adding and subtracting coordinates


Please note that learners can only receive a single unit in levelling for an extra fee of £75


For full qualifications learners must attend beginner and advanced level courses.






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