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Total station training

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Who is this course for?


This course is aimed at existing junior engineers, site engineers, surveyors and managers who need to learn more about surveying and setting out. 


To achieve nationally and internationally recognised qualifications and CSCS gold Engineer surveyor card, learners must enrol in beginner to enhanced level. You will receive a credit for fees already paid and only pay the difference.





This course is usually completed in 4 Sundays

Course fee: - £1295 plus VAT (£1554)

4 Sunday sessions in one month

please note that to achieve a nationally recognised qualifications learners must attend beginners to enhanced course.







Session 1: Total stations & Surveying


Session 2: GNSS & Traversing 


Session 3: Setting out methods, Setting out point and line 


Session 4:  Setting out point, line, arc, and plane






  • Session 1-Total stations

    • Instrument settings

      • EDM settings

      • Target types

      • Instrument constant

      • Atmospheric corrections

    • Quick survey program

      • Setting or editing instrument station coordinates

      • Setting bearings

      • Setting angle directions

      • Instrument faces-right and left

    • Data manager

      • Creating jobs

      • Job and point naming methods

      • Deleting, editing jobs and points

      • Working job and control job

      • Sorting data alphabetically or in date order

      • Searching for fixed points and measured points

    • Distance measurements

      • Measuring distance from Total Station

      • Measuring distance between points

      • Calculating height difference

      • Setting instrument height

      • Site survey using distances

    • Resection

      • Resection methods

      • Local resection

      • Orientate with angle

      • Orientate with coordinate

    • Setting out methods

      • Measure option

      • Stake option




  • Session 2- GNSS, Surveying & traversing

    • Establishing coordinates for grid lines using a local system

    • Criteria for choosing north direction

    • Effect of changing north direction

    • Converting coordinates from global to local

    • Site surveys

    • As built surveys

    • Data transfer to USB

    • Introduction to GNSS

    • Surveying and setting out by GNSS

    • Traversing practical exercise

    • Introduction to GNSS

    • Surveying and setting out by GNSS




  • Session 3-Setting out 

    • Setting out methods

      • Measure option

      • Stake out option

      • Reference element (line)

      • Reference arc

    • Setting out point, line and offset

      • Piles

      • Box outs

      • Columns

      • Walls

      • Slab edges

      • Lift shafts

      • Ground beams

      • Doors and windows

      • Drainage, manholes, gullies

      • External works




  • Session 4-Setting out by Robotic Total stations 

    • Overview of robotics instrument menu system

    • Uploading data

    • Setting out piles, walls, columns, ground beams, lift shafts

    • Setting out arcs

      • Simple roads

      • Complex roads

      • Curved balconies

      • Curved slab edges

    • Setting out slopes

      • Horizontal and sloped planes

      • Ramps 





To achieve a nationally and internationally recognised qualifications learners must complete beginner to enhanced level course. You will be charged the difference in fees between your existing course and the enhanced course and receive up to 3 more month of training.









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