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About Finchley College

Finchley College is a leading provider of training in construction site engineering, setting out engineering, land surveying, and civil engineering.  Over the last 25 years, the college has trained over 1200 engineers and many site supervisors and site managers. You are very likely to come across one of our existing or former students at any construction site in the UK or abroad earning around £250-300 or more per day. Some of our alumni have set up their own construction companies and employ engineers and surveyors of their own.

Finchley College is managed by a strong team of expert trainers and quality control staff.  Unlike other training providers we have always prided ourselves by issuing nationally and internationally recognised qualifications in engineering, so that our learners have a qualification valid worldwide and recognised by CSCS for issuing gold CSCS engineer surveyor cards. Please when you contact other training providers remember to ask if their certificates are recognised by CSCS.

Our Team

Reza Nobakht is the lead trainer, director and founder of the college, he graduated from University of Brighton (formerly Brighton Polytechnic) in 1982 and has worked as a site engineer/senior engineer/setting out engineer for over 35 years.

Salah is our trainer for the advanced learners, he has extensive fieldwork experience, he also teaches Robotic Total stations and AutoCAD.

Sue is our BIM trainer, she is an expert in CAD and Revit for Building Information Modelling

Michael and Bryan are highly experienced, internal quality verifiers, whose job is to ensure highest quality of training and student support is maintained.

As the college issues nationally and internationally recognised qualifications, we are also externally quality assured by ProQual, City & Guilds as well as TQUK awarding bodies. The college is visited 3 times a year and goes through wide-ranging quality assurance checks, these will not happen at training providers who issue their own certificates.

Our Locations

Finchley college is based in Finchley, North London, but we also offer week-long courses in Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, and Dublin. We also offer distance learning and online courses.


What you learn from our engineering courses

Today’s engineers and surveyors need to be good at using a variety of surveying instruments, including robotic Total stations, GNSS, Digital, automatic, pipe laser, rotating laser levels, CAD, BIM, and REVIT, read and understand construction drawings, work fast and consistently accurate. We help you to achieve all this and more.



Our Engineering Courses

To work as an engineer or surveyor carries a lot of responsibilities, to work on your own, independently, with high accuracy and precision. You will need to know what to do on site, read and understand construction drawings, learn to use a wide range of surveying instruments and communicate well with others, as well as making no mistakes.

Everyone depends on you to know your job and perform well as well as anticipate works to be done and be ready for them.

This is a hands on job, working outdoors in good and bad weather, but also be able to use CAD and Revit software, robotic as well as normal total stations and levelling equipment. Receive drawings in DXF and upload to robotic total stations to set out.

To achieve such standard starting from scratch you will need a considerable amount of training and support both during and post training.

We offer training courses at the beginner, intermediate, advanced and enhanced levels. Every level will teach you more and enhances your competency and knowledge as well as giving you college based person to person tuition under supervision of highly experienced tutors who are or have been engineers and surveyors.

College also receives requests for engineers and surveyors from our previous students or contractors and we usually refer learners who have completed beginner to an advanced or enhance level.


We offer lessons at weekends on both Saturdays and Sundays in London as well as one week long courses in London, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow and Dublin

Please note that an extra charge of admin and certification fee of £360 is payable upon issue of a internationally recognised Diploma in Engineering surveying which entitles you to apply for a gold CSCS engineer surveyor card.

Beginner to intermediate level surveying course.

This is suitable for those completing their GCSE or A levels and wanting to embark on a career in construction engineering and surveying. It is also suitable for existing assistant engineers and managers

Advance level engineering surveying course/ construction Graduate training program

This course is a follow on course from the beginner to the intermediate level as well as graduates in any field and existing junior engineers. Its aim is to ensure the learners will be able to work as a competent junior engineer with a potential earning of up to £250 per day

Beginner to advanced level combined / Full training for all graduates from all subjects

A comprehensive course covering all units of the Diploma in engineering surveying qualification leading to a CSCS gold engineer surveyor card. This is also suitable for existing junior engineers and graduates from any field.

Beginner to an enhanced level engineering surveying course.

is a complete course for beginners and those changing careers into construction engineering surveying. The course is for up to 6 months, you can choose to come in at weekends, weekdays or a combination of both. After completing this course you should be well in your way to work as a competent engineer and surveyor with earning potential of £250 to £350 per day.

Training for existing engineers and surveyors requiring a gold CSCS engineer surveyor card​

  • Existing engineer training course- £1295 inclusive of VAT and certificate fee

    • A weekend of training leading to the award of a level 3 Diploma in engineering surveying which enables you to apply for a gold CSCS engineer surveyor card.

  • Onsite training of contractor’s engineers at work

    • We offer to train your assistant, junior and senior engineers whilst at work to achieve their level 3 Diploma in Engineering surveying and gold CSCS engineer surveyor card or simply improve and update their skills. Please contact us for details.


Our NVQ Construction Courses

Finchley College offers level 3, 4, 6, and 7 NVQ Diploma courses in construction site supervision and management courses. They involve one or more site visits to your workplace and observing you at work, you will gather pieces of evidence from work and submit it along with your written answers to knowledge questions of the qualification. Our assessments include oral questioning, site observations, witness testimonies as well as evidence you provide throughout your course as part of your daily activities.

We also offer first aid at work as well as an introduction to Building information modelling

Finchley College is the only training provider that offers flexible training with times to suit your individual circumstances. You could join us at weekends as well as on weekdays. Studying at weekends will enable you to train and continue with your day job without losing pay. You could miss some sessions and come at another agreed time and date to recover any missed lessons; however, all training courses must be completed within 6 months.


For more information, please call Reza Nobakht on 07974 221155 or 

email us at or visit us at Lawford House, Albert Place, London, N3 1QA

Engineering Surveying Courses

Vocational training provided by our team of experts

Beginner to intermediate

Beginners to advanced combined

Beginners to enhanced

Graduate engineer training program

NVQ in Construction

The following courses are delivered in one to two days.

Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Occupational work supervision

Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Contracting Operations Management

Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Construction Site Management

ProQual Level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying


I worked as a ground worker for a number of years, I decided to join Finchley College for the 4 weeks advanced setting out course. As soon as I had finished my course I managed to get a job as a senior engineer with a local contractor. I called Reza many times to get help with my work, he was always available and helpful. I am pleased that I am now working confidently as an engineer on good rates of pay.

- MAT June 2017