Short courses in Settingout, site engineering, surveying

Ideal short courses for CPD and upskilling yourself


Do you want to Improve your mathematics of surveying?


Like to learn AutoCAD from beginners to advanced level with the latest student version software?


Are you rusty in setting out or surveying?


Have never used GNSS or digital level?


Has been many years since you used a dumpy level?


Don't know what traversing is about?


Want to be competent in establishing or checking site control?


Need to learn how to use Robotic Total stations?


Are you an engineer with a green CSCS card wanting to upgrade to a gold engineer surveyor card?



At Finchley College, we are determined in ensuring today's engineers and surveyors are able to use the latest surveying equipment and have the knowledge and capability to solve problems in everyday engineering and surveying.


Short courses are ideal for junior engineers, graduates, and even senior engineers as we know that soon most jobs become repetitive and your work doesn't challenge you anymore, you get set in your own way whereas there is always a better, quicker, or smarter way of doing things.


Join our short courses on weekdays or Sundays without losing pay and upskill yourself.  For some of the courses, you can gain a nationally recognised qualification as well.


We offer a 10% discount for attending some of the short courses on weekdays, 5% for groups of two or more.




Course list:


The following courses are delivered in one to two days, please click on the links to view more information about each course.







ProQual level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying for existing engineers


A short 1 to 2 day course for existing engineers needing to apply for a gold CSCS engineer surveyor card.

Training includes traversing, use of GNSS, Digital level, automatic level, laser level

Please note that applicants must be able to use total stations for setting out point, offset and arc




Duration: 1 day, fee £250 plus VAT

At the end of this one day course you will be able to create your own open or closed traverse, adjust and correct for inevitable errors, work out misclosure and assign coordinates to each station. You will also be able to relate it to existing site controls if available.



Surveying and setting out

Duration: Select your own number of days from 1 to 5 days @ £250 per day plus VAT


Choose how many days of training you need depending on your current experience and background. You will be learning to use a Total station, carry out surveying, upload your survey to AutoCAD and email to client. You will also learn to set out piles, walls, columns, etc.


Please email us at to book your own individually bespoke course



Duration: 1/2 day

We can offer you a 1/2 day GNSS for surveying, setting out, creating a control or you can combine this with 1/2 day of short traversing course.


GNSS is an easy, highly accurate, versetile equipment to use. Ability to use a GNSS equipment will help you to set yourself apart from other engineers and surveyors and make yourself employable.
















































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