Beginners to Intermediate Setting out and site engineering course

A course for junior and senior engineers


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  • Student Autodesk software, AutoCAD, Revit and Civil 3D
  • Option to progress to advanced or enhanced level



Who is this course for?


An introductory course over 4 Saturdays and 4 Sundays or 9 consecutive days is aimed at anyone interested in working as an assistant or junior engineer in the construction industry. 


To achieve a nationally recognised qualification we urge learners to enrol in our beginner to the advanced course which offers 2 months of training, or Beginners to the enhanced course which includes extensive training.




Course fee: £1962.5 plus VAT (£2355)



Timetable: All courses start on the first Saturday of each month.


Please note that ProQual level 3 Diploma in Engineering Surveying is designed for experienced engineers and surveyors. You may have to enrol into the beginners to the advanced or enhanced level to gain necessary experience to register for the qualification. There is an extra fee of £360 qualification fee.




Beginner to intermediate level        




Month 1                         9.00 am to 3.00 pm                                                  




  • Mathematics of surveying
    • Coordinate systems, rectangular and polar
    • Creating a local coordinate system for setting out
    • Calculating coordinates of points from drawings
  • Practical Maths session
  • Health and Safety on site for engineers
  • Dynamic Risk assessment methods
  • Beginner AutoCAD



  • Principles of levelling
    • Two peg test method of checking for calibration of a levelling equipment
    • Calculating reduced levels, the height of collimation, and rise & fall methods
    • Errors in levelling
    • How to reduce errors in levelling
  • Practical levelling exercises
  • Establishing site datums by levelling traverse
  • Beginner AutoCAD



  • Introduction to Total stations
    • History of Total station development
    • Downloading of instrument simulator
    • Total station settings
    • Total station programs in brief
  • Practical exercises
    • Measuring distances, heights, and angles
    • Measuring areas and volumes
    • Surveying exercise
  • Beginner AutoCAD



  • Construction drawings
  • Architects, engineers, rebar, bending schedules, elevations, and sections
  • Introduction to traversing
    • Closed and open traverses
    • Checking a traverse for angle correction
  • Beginner AutoCAD



  • Surveying
    • Creating a local control system for surveying
    • Criteria for establishing north direction
    • Establishing primary and secondary control
    • Surveying exercises
  • Intermediate AutoCAD



  • Quality control
    • Pre-pour inspection sheets
    • Checking drawings for errors or missing information
    • Post pour checks, as built surveys


  • Intermediate AutoCAD



  • Traversing
    • Establishing site control
    • Checking an existing site control
  • Intermediate AutoCAD



  • Construction Drawings
    • Architect’s, engineer’s, reinforcement, bending schedules
    • Ordering concrete and reinforcement
    • Area and volume calculations
  • Final beginner to intermediate level assessments
  • Intermediate AutoCAD



9 Consecutive day training will also follow the above time table with an extra day of revision of the priciples of surveying










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