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Welcome to Finchley College Engineering Surveying training page dedicated to those not currently working as engineers or surveyors who would like to enter this exciting and financially highly rewarding profession.


We offer courses from the beginner level to enhanced+


We know that not everyone is the same and everyone's background and experience are different, for this reason, you could mix and match and choose any level or levels that suit you best. There is a discount on fees for those who have two or more levels with us.


Please note that to achieve a nationally-recognised qualification those currently not in an engineering position must complete at the minimum the beginner to advanced level, following the end of their training enrol in our Level 3 Diploma in engineering Surveying and complete further training to achieve a minimum level of experience required to work independently on their own.


After your training, if you decide not to enroll in the Diploma course, you will be issued an in-house training certificate.



Beginner surveying course

Duration: 4 Days   


Dates: 4 Saturday sessions in one month


Fees: £995.80 plus VAT (£1195) 


This course is an ideal starting point for those who have no or little knowledge of surveying


  • Mathematics of surveying- creating a local coordinate system for setting out
  • Levelling-Automatic, laser, and digital levels, level surveys, two peg test for calibration
  • Reading and understanding construction drawings
  • Introduction to Total stations, measuring distances, heights, areas, volumes       





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Intermediate surveying course

Duration: 4 Days


Dates: 4 Sundays in one month


Fees: £995.80 plus VAT (£1195)


Intermediate level surveying course will train you to use Total stations, carry out surveying, traversing and use GNSS


  • Surveying- conduct surveys and transfer to AutoCAD
  • Traversing - Establish or check an existing local control
  • GNSS - learn to use GNSS for surveying and setting out
  • Setting out methods- Learn to set out piles, walls, columns, roads, 


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Combined beginners and inermediate fee: £1995

Advanced level surveying course

Duration: 8 Days


Dates: 4 weekends in one month, Saturdays and Sundays


Fees: £1662.50 plus VAT (£1995)


Advanced level course is designed for exising engineers or those progressing from the beginner to the intermediate level.


  • AutoCAD for engineers from beginner to advanced level
  • Two man Total stations
  • Robotic Total stations
  • GNSS
  • Surveying
  • Revit for BIM
  • Traversing
  • Advanced setting out techniques
  • Extensive setting out practice sessions
  • RC and steel frame structrures
  • Construction drawings-drainage, groundworks, engineers, architects, reinforcement, sections, elevations, GA's


Combine beginners, intermediate and advanced together for just £3355, including diploma certificate.

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Beginner to an enhanced level

Duration: 4 month of weekend training with option to attend weekday sessions in the first week of each month to speed up learning


Dates: Complete beginners, intermediate and advanced level, then attend any training session for an extra two months.


Fees: £3995 plus VAT (£4795)


This course includes all levels of training as well as individual and small group tutorials and one to one sessions to ensure you achieve highl calibre level of engineering with good and highly paid job prospects.


Course also includes;

  • ProQual level 3 Diploma in Engineering surveying certificate
  • Level 3 Award in an Introduction to BIM



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Graduate training program/intensive course

Duration: 9 consecutive days


Dates: The first week of every month


Fees: £1995 inc. VAT


This course is specially designed for recent UK and overseas graduates in Building, Civil engineering or a related degree course, who already have a good grounding in principles of surveying.


Optional certificate fee £360 subject to satisfactory completion of all assessments


  • Principles of Surveying
  • Surveying techniuqes, creating a local control system
  • Setting out methods
  • Extensive Total station and setting out training
  • GNSS and Digital level training
  • AutoCAD for engineers,



Get a substantial discount by enrolling onto two or more levels at the same time. All fees include VAT at 20%


Please note that to receive a Diploma certificate to apply for a gold CSCS engineer surveyor card, learners will need to enrol onto our Diploma course following completion of their training. Except for enhanced learners, a fee of £360 will apply to all learners to register for this qualification.


Beginner to intermediare level: £1995



Beginner to advanced: £3355



Beginner to an enhanced level: £4795

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